The purpose of every business is to respond to a need in the marketplace.

Many people or companies can create web sites, but few have the professional touch that AddisonTech has, and even fewer concentrate on a strategy to help make your investment worthwhile. The need for strategy was impressed upon us in the early stages of our business. While our clients know their business, their product, their expenses, their budget and their goals inside and out, they have very little idea of how to achieve their goals or what it takes to use the power of the Internet to help achieve those goals. We can help you avoid the bad decisions and in its place develop a return on investment in your web site.

Our successes are driven specifically because we do not slap things together and send out a bill. We are very hands on and very knowledge oriented. We believe in building long term relationships with our clients. We do so by trying to save them money, and turn web technology into either a direct or indirect profit center.
The Addison Network is a business network of AddisonTech clients. We are very progressive in sharing and promoting our clients to all of our other clients. With micro networking groups built around demographic synergies, we regularly get our clients at the table in front of other clients. In short, becoming an AddisonTech client is a powerful business marketing strategy and networking opportunity.

The #ATN18 Invitational

This is the Networking Event of the Year

Business Networking is Essential for Business Development
Manage Relationship Building Time Investments
Cultivate Strategic Relationships to Minimize Wasted Time
Strategic Introductions of New Contacts
Expect 5-10 Key Contacts; not 40 Random Business Cards
Expect More Fun Than Any Other Networking Event
Business Development Made Fun